About LCP Plumbing Inc.

We cummulate more then 15 years of experience.

We serve a broad client base of
residential, commercial and industrial.

Plumbing Contractor
We do any plumbing installation, replacement or repair.
We also have all the skills and certifications to perform your whole bathroom or kitchen construction/renovation projects.  We take care of everything from A to Z.

All of our workers and plumbers are cardholders of the CCQ.

From the single dishwasher connection to major projects,
LCP Plumbing will always be your best ally!

listening to our customers

We are family owned business who cares about all of our clients satisfaction.

Our best publicity residing your satisfaction, we offer you outstanding professionalism troughout your experience with us as well as very competitive prices. 

We take the time to listen to you and advise you well in all your plumbing projects.

Make sure of complete peace of mind by entrusting your work to LCP Plumbing!

Certified plumbers for complete peace of mind. 

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We are family owned business at heart with the satisfaction of all our customers.

Our 15 years experience provide us great pride to answer all your plumbing needs.

We serve a broad client base of residential, commercial and industrial.

LCP Plumbing will satisfy you both in their professionalism as their competitive prices.

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Proud member of CMMTQ.
RBQ: 5614-5873-01 / Member of CMMTQ-RBQ-CCQ